Generation Pre-Boomers
? - 1945
Baby Boomers
1946 - 1960
Baby Busters
1961 - 1979
Baby Boomlet
1980 - Present
AKA The Savers The Debtors The Spenders The Clueless
Key Factors
Affecting Generation
-The Depression
-World War II
-The New Deal
-Work hard for
  better future
-Lots of them!
-Responsive to the
-Crunched by its size
-Big debt load
-Sandwich generation
-Smaller size
-High Tech
-Competition with
  boomer for resources
-Uncertain prosperity
-Uncertain size
-Very very high tech
Super busy parents
  and grandparents
-Latch-key kids
I Owe My Success To: Fought/worked hard and won I work hard, Wife works too Being born: I am owed it

What success?

Key Motivator Security Respect Wanna have fun

Immediate gratification

Key Values -Loyalty
-Experience is the
 best teacher
-Respect for
 & institutions

-Facade conscious
-Work as part of
-Credentials important
-Higher divorce rates

-Little loyalty
-Work as a means
  to some unknown
-Expectation of
  entitlement to a
  good life

-To Be Determined

Observations -Long marriages
-Vitally active
-Overwhelmed by technology
-Traditions in flux
-New Morality
   -Have nots
-Middle class is shrinking
-First generation where it is questioned if they will do 'better' than their parents
Got what I got because: Worked hard: Earned it! Saved Worked hard: Need it! Buy on Time Birth Right: I'm a _____. Gimmie! Few rewards to date
My leisure time is: A reward for hard work
Family Time
A relief from daily grind
Owed me: "I Want More" ?
Higher Education is: A dream for the kids: save, scrimp, save

A way to get ahead
save, grumble

I am owed it...
it should be free
Financial Focus Emphasis on savings Less emphasis on savings What's "savings"? Why save?
Marketing Focus -Emphasize
Emphasize prestige Emphasize pleasure Emphasize speed