Help your exhibitors achieve!


Special programs for exhibitors who want to improve their
performance and get more bang from their exhibiting bucks!

101: ON STAGE: THE BASICS.  How to design a booth; what colors to use; what colors to avoid; creating an image; games and give-aways; basic design; hand-outs; boothmanship and much much more.

102: SHOW AND SELL: Sales techniques for, tricks are for hicks; show themes; how to qualify a serious buyer; eliminate tire-kickers; getting the order; selling not visiting and much much more.

103: MARKETING: ABOVE AND BEYOND: How to attract your own audience; marketing analysis; your unique position; pre-show activities; media use; direct mail; invitations; evaluation; follow-up; serious planning and much much more.

Larry Helms has THE outstanding training programs exhibitors in North America today.  He delivers over 100 programs each year in three formats: 90 minutes, half-day or full-day.  Not only does he present a seminar, but he will then: (1) walk the show and give on-the-spot critiques to exhibitors, (2) judge your show for exhibit awards, and (3) supply you, without charge, his award-winning one-hour audio tape on exhibiting that you can duplicate and give to your exhibitors.

Pushy Salespeople have hungry Kids!

Do you want your salespeople to be able to talk a pig into a ham sandwich?

I HOPE NOT, because study after study, and success story after success story all reveal that the mythical sales representative who uses a silver tongue and fast patter to achieve sales success is just that... a myth!  A good sales person generates trust, becomes a consultant, a resource and, yes, a friend.

In this seminar on selling, personnel will learn:

  • The Ten Commandments of Selling

  • The Six biggest mistakes in sales

  • Three MAGIC sentences

  • The concept of value-added selling

  • Exercising enthusiasm

  • Partnering

  • The power of persistence

  • Going the second mile

  • Silence and listening

  • The power of kissing

                ...AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

You will not learn about trap door closes, sharp angle closes,
high pressure techniques and other commonly
taught manipulative methods.