This is one practical and fast moving program that delivers more than it promises... it had better!  The emphasis is on value added customer relations; that is, giving the customer MORE than what is expected.

It is not a tired re-hashing of the 1980's customer service themes; not old material re-warmed for new audiences.  Rather, it is a truly dynamic practical program that focuses on NO-COST or LOW-COST things that any person can do to improve their customer services!

This seminar will put money in the attendees' pockets before it is over!

Some seminar contents:

  • What is customer service?

  • What does it mean to be value added?

  • Why do people STOP doing business with you?

  • How can you keep old customers with you and...

  • How can you attract and keep new customers?

  • How do you develop and implement a customer service plan?

  • How to present effective no-cost staff training

  • How to coach better performance

  • How to K.I.S.S.

  • The value of receiving complaints

  • How to take advantage of complaints

  • The complaint log and follow-up

  • How to handle an angry customer

  • Dealing with people

  • Posture echoing

  • Non-verbal communications

This is just a partial list of subjects that can be covered in this seminar.  It can be customized to meet the specific needs of any client.

The program is designed to be presented in short-seminar form and in half-day or full-day sessions.  Obviously, the longer the session, the more topics that can be covered and in greater depth.

In all presentations, however, specific practical information is presented that the attendee can implement immediately!  This is not a pie-in-the-sky theory program, but a presentation that is designed for immediate implementation!

This presentation can have a two-pronged appraoch:

1. Designed for and delivered to the owner or manager of a business or company who will tehn take the material home to use in his/her situtation


2. Designed for and delivered to employees of a business to impress upon them the NECESSITY of being customer-oriented and friendly. (Sometimes it is better for an outsider to give your employees this message rather than the boss!)

Working with volunteers?

This program can also be directed toward
volunteer help as well as paid employees!
Different emphasis is placed when presented
to non-paid workers.