Managing at the Speed of Change

The dizzying Speed of Change is both frightening and exhilarating as the world hurdles toward the Twenty-first Century. Can you cope with the changes, or will you become a dinosaur left by the way-side? Do you understand the tremendous demographic changes occurring in society today or do you choose to put your head in the sand, hope they do not affect you and make do as always? Do you understand why today’s manager must act to relate to both staff, volunteers, and customers in a radically different way than managers of the 1980’s? Do you know how to develop the mental edge so vitally necessary to prosper in the next century? The Speed of Change is offered in three segments; each can stand as a seminar by itself, or they can be combined into a one-day program that will provide a springboard for the future.  The new century is upon us… are you ready? Is your staff? Are your members?

101: The Speed of Change: The Demographic Edge!

Gain a fantastic understanding of why people do what they do because of their age and generation. This seminar breaks people into four generations: those born before 1945, 1945-1960, 1961-1980, and 1981-present. It delves into what motivates each generation, what are their values, describes their behaviors and finally tells you how to manage, market and sell to this generation. You cannot compete effectively in the new century without knowing the demographic data presented in this seminar.

102: The Speed of Change: The Mental Edge

Why can’t we get ourselves to do what we know we really need to do? Why can’t we break old behavioral patterns? This seminar delves into self-sabotage; why we are our own worst enemy and teaches how to develop self-discipline and self-motivation so desperately needed as the Speed of Changes forces us to constantly rethink our positions.  The Mental Edge is a system for learning what it is you need to do to develop strategies for the new century. Without such knowledge, the Speed of Change will time warp you into an early retirement.

103: The Speed of Change: The Management Edge!

This seminar brings the demographic edge and the mental edge together and combines them with new methods of managing and dealing with other people as well as holding on to time-tested older personnel methods. It explores why coaching behavior is superior to demanding performance, why team building is not just this decade’s fad, and illustrates how any person can develop a new management style…IF he/she want to! A variety of topics can be covered depending on the client’s specification. Coping with the Speed of Change has never been more important than whey you try to deal with other people.