You Can't Heat An Oven With Snowballs! This very humorous, but thought provoking speech is based on something cowboy humorist/philosopher Will Rogers said over a half-century ago, but is just as true today as when he said it shortly before he died in 192?. Roger states, "If you are going to be successful in life, you have to know what you are doing, you have to believe in what you are doing, you have to love what you are doing; you can't heat an oven with snowballs!" Larry examines Will's belief and combines it with his own "Real Facts of Life" to produce what some association executives feel is the best keynote or after dinner speech being offered in the United States today. One audience member, after hearing this presentation, wrote more food for thought! A dynamic program geared with insights for the new century.
     Success doesn't just "happen" in personal or professional life. To be successful, or to "win" requires positioning yourself to take certain necessary steps. Do you know the steps? Can you apply them in your personal or professional life? An extremely funny speech with an extremely serious message. One association executive remarked after hearing this presentation: "Personally, I want to thank you for making me look like a hero to everyone at the convention. We will surely be in touch for a future meeting!"
     It's not the big things in life that drag you down, but an accumulation of small nagging problems. A hilarious look at ourselves, our idiosyncrasies and quirks. A presentation built around Will Rogers' philosophy of happiness and success. It incorporates his ageless homespun humor with modern psychological and management studies. No dry academic pabulum here, but a laughter-filled examination of ourselves, the need to love others and have inner faith. Some dogs don't hunt ... but some do. Can you tell the difference.
     The most successful people often needed a push to get started. This speech focuses on the inner motivation needed to break out of self-created comfort zones and achieve more than you thought possible. This is not a pseudo-psychological babble of mumbo-jumbo, but a dynamic and exciting look at expanding human potential through realistic self-discipline, self control and hard work. Its got humor, magic and a serious message that allows your audience to go home feeling good about themselves and full of hope and promise.