If It's Laughter Your After
All the substance in the world will be worth little if a speaker puts an audience to sleep. Relax, Larry Helms has been called an "edu-tainer," one who educates and entertains, "fun-tastic" and simply amazing for his ability to weave good clean relevant humor throughout his presentations. He never uses sexist, racial, or religious humor; but rather directs the stories, anecdotes and humor back at himself! Humor has been called internal jogging and Larry tries to make sure his audiences get a good workout with each and every presentation. There is no reason why learning or training has to be boring. You learn and retain more information when you are relaxed and attentive; as long as the humor is relevant to the topic and isn't silly or simply added on to get a cheap laugh.

But, he is more than simply a good speaker who uses humor. He is also a professional magician and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. He uses stage illusions to punctuate his points on self-understanding, management myths, business and personal fallacies, and more! Would you like to see your chairperson's arm cut off? Or, perhaps a silver sword driven through someone's neck? Larry Helms is a showman who entertains his audiences but all magic, humor and stories illustrate a point in the serious message! How much "style" and how much serious message is up to you. Dr. Helms' programs can range from 10% humor/magic to 25% humor/magic, depending on his client's requirements. He will create audience involvement, enthusiasm, and laughter. You will end up realizing that while it was business for Larry to "do" fun for you, it was fun for you to do business with him!