Dr. Lawrence C. Helms

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     Larry Helms is a nationally recognized and respected expert in the field of industrial psychology and personal development programs. He holds a Ph.D. from The University of Michigan and a post-doctoral certificate in management from Harvard University. He also studied at the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia and is a former Fulbright Scholar in Eastern Europe. In 1982, the American Adult Education Association selected Dr. Helms as their "Adult Educator Of The Year". In 1988, the National Speakers' Association awarded Larry their prestigious "Certified Speaking Professional" designation.

     Early in his career Larry was a public school teacher and coach in Michigan and later a principal and superintendent of school in Arctic Alaska. He later served as a university professor, dean and vice-president. After leaving the academic world he became vice-president of training for a large regional bank and is currently the executive vice-president of Western Training Systems, a personal and business development company specializing in the practical application of industrial psychology.

     A former collegiate and interpretative speech champion, Dr. Helms has been called an "edu-tainer" and "fun-tastic" for his ability to weave humor into serious training messages. Larry currently speaks about 50 times a year and over 70% of his annual business is with repeat clients.

Dr. Lawrence C. Helms
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